Mission Statement

To provide Cumberland County with competent technologists through a high quality career-oriented education in Radiography.

Goal 1: Students will be competent when performing radiographic procedures.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will protect patient, staff and self from excess exposure to radiation. Students will provide effective patient care.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate effective communication.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will display an understanding of the principles of effective communication in the academic setting. Students will communicate effectively in the clinical education sites.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate problem solving/ critical thinking skills.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will display the ability to simulate effective patient care for varying patient conditions. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ability to adjust technical factors to adapt for varying patient conditions. Students will demonstrate the ability to complete radiographic exams by adapting for varying patient conditions.

Goal 4: Students will display professional development and growth.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will exhibit Professional Ethics in the Clinical Education Setting. Students will display an understanding of the concepts of Professional Ethics. Students will prepare a Professional Development portfolio. Graduates will join Professional Societies.

Goal 5: Graduates will be employable and meet the needs of the healthcare community.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will complete the Program. Graduates will pass the ARRT exam on the first attempt. Graduates will display satisfaction with the program. Graduates will find employment. Employers will display satisfaction with graduates’ performance.

Goal 6: Students will display Information Literacy.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to locate, retrieve, and critically evaluate information and sources.