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Complete the Distance Learning Orientation

challenge.jpg Are you ready to be challenged?

Take the time to get acquainted. You won't regret it.

Cumberland County College urges its distance learning students to complete this short orientation prior to taking their first online course. Statistics have shown that those who have completed this activity are more knowledgeable of important distance learning policies and procedures and are therefore more comfortable in the environment.

Many students new to distance learning have the expectation that online courses will be easier than traditional, face-to-face or on-campus courses. However, they soon learn that nothing could be further from the truth. Distance learning courses tend to require a great deal of self-discipline, time, and self-motivation, often even more than a traditional, face-to-face course might demand.

During this short orientation you will have the opportunity to assess your readiness for entering the world of distance learning. You will be introduced to important policies and procedures, given helpful advice and the opportunity to gauge the readiness of your technical equipment and skills, and more. Caution: Complete the entire orientation and DO NOT skip any of its 11 pages.

A grade will accumulate as you complete the quizzes and activities included within this orientation. You will be given the option to report your grade to your professor once you've reached the last page. Check with your instructor to discover how this grade may factor into your final course grade (if at all).

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