HEOA Compliance

The Higher Education Opportunity Act

The HEOA requires that institutions offering distance education or correspondence education to have processes in place to ensure that the student registering for a course is the same student who participates in the course or receives course credit.  The Act requires that institutions use one of the following three methods:
  • A secure login and pass code;
  • Proctored examinations; and
  • New or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification.

Student Verification

Cumberland County College meets these requirements by assigning a secure login and pass code to each student.  All students registering for a course through our administrative system are assigned unique identification numbers, which correspond with a specific username for each student.  The College's Blackboard Learning Management System authenticates the username and pass code entered by the student against their assigned username and pass code each time the student logs on to the Learning Management System to access graded materials, course content and course communications. Additionally, the Learning Management System allows students to change their pass codes during their first time access, thereafter, students may modify their pass codes at any time to further protect their identity. Data transmission of login information is secured using standard encryption technology built into the Learning Management System.

Protecing User Privacy

Cumberland County College uses collected personal information as the basis for identity verification. All users requesting assistance to reset pass codes or to gain access to various systems are asked two or more pieces of information to compare against data stored in our administrative system, such as student id, date of birth, last four digits of their Social Security Number, or other similar information that uniquely verifies the user's identity.

User Responsibility

Users are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames and pass codes. Access credentials may not be shared or given to anyone or third-party systems. Cumberland County College recommends for all users to change their pass codes regularly. More information is available in the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Cost to students

Cumberland County College distance learning courses require a $30 course fee in addition to other tuition and fees charged by the institution.

For more information about the Higher Education Opportunity Act please visit the U.S. Dept of Education site found at: