Distance Learning


Distance Learning at Cumberland County College offers flexibility, convenience, and uncompromising quality of education. Distance Learning provides students the opportunity to take courses that may have been otherwise inaccessible due to scheduling constraints. While students are physically separated from their instructors in this type of learning environment, they remain connected through technology.

Certainly many students are attracted to Distance Learning courses because of their convenience, but it is also true that some may fare better in a traditional classroom setting. Therefore, students are encouraged to consult their advisors before registering for these courses and to take a quick questionnaire to help determine if distance learning is for them.

Two Options (Online or Hybrid) DLTestimonials
ONLine courses are listed with course section format ONL01 for the first section of an online course. Round-the-clock access to an internet web system called Blackboard allows students to download class notes, submit assignments, take scheduled exams, read and contribute to class discussions, communicate with the instructor and other students, and receive faculty feedback, all at the student's convenience. HYBrid courses are listed with course section format HYB01 for the first section of a hybrid course. Part of the time students are required to be on-campus and the other part students may work off-campus utilizing Blackboard to participate in class activities. The number of class meetings varies with each HYBrid course. Students must attend their first on-campus meeting to obtain crucial information on how the course will be conducted.

Regardless of the option chosen, students are required to study the assigned materials, participate in discussions, complete assignments, and take exams. 

Courses Offered  

View the Course Schedules page to look for courses with ONLxx or HYBxx. After you have found course(s) you wish to take read the next section below to learn how to register.  

How do I register for an online or hybrid course?
Current or Returning CCC students may register by logging into the MyCCC Portal then using WebAdvisor (see Registration instructions) or for additional assistance call 856/691-8600, ext. 1333. If you are Not a CCC student please visit the Admissions page to become a CCC Student (go to Admissions page).    

How do I access my courses after registering? 
By completing the recommended Distance Learning Orientation you will learn how to access your courses (go there now). 

Where can I get answers to other questions?

Read the FAQs (DL) link on the left menu or email distancelearning@cccnj.edu or call 856.691.8600 x1480 or x1380.