Charles Kocher, Ed.D.

Professor, Criminal Justice
Academic Divisions - Business, Education, Social Science, Technology
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B.A., M.A. Rowan University
M.S., Ed.D. St. Joseph's University

Prior to joining Cumberland County College in 2000, I served as an appointed member of the Camden Police Department, New Jersey from 1968 through 2000 in all ranks up to and including the rank of deputy police chief for Camden, New Jersey.  Other duties assigned by the mayor of Camden, included the position of Insurance Commissioner, to review all civil suits filed against the city of Camden.    

My formal education began at Villanova University and later Rowan University. I majored in Law and Justice throughout my career earning a Master of Arts from Rowan University and a Master of Science from Saint Joseph’s University.  I attended Rutgers University and completed the course for Certified Financial Officer in Government.  

My doctorate’s studies were conducted at Saint Joseph’s University in Higher Education Administration. My dissertation studies researched the Impact of the Interactive Learning Model as an Effective Tool to Enhance Retention Rates of Criminal Justice Majors at Cumberland County College.

When I am not teaching classes at Cumberland County College, I teach both undergraduate and graduate classes at Saint Joseph’s University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Wilmington University for courses in Criminal Justice and Public Administration.  My specialties include emphasis for the scholar-practitioner style of education, criminology of place, ethics and leadership, organizational behavior and public management.

Policing in the United States is currently experiencing radical issues by the millennial generation not unlike those of the 1960’s and 1970’s, has brought the importance of teaching criminal justice to the forefront.  Technology advances such as cameras and smart phones stand at the forefront for teaching criminal justice.  

When not in the classroom, I am a member of the International Chiefs of Police Administration Committee that reviews issues of leadership and policing.  Special attention is focusing now upon mental health issues and higher education for police officers as we move further into the 21st century. I have been the guest editor for the IACP Police Chief Magazine overseeing the entire issue for Community Policing.  During my tenure with the police department I was responsible for a number of Federal grants for such programs as “COPS Ahead,”  “COPS More,” and several successful Weed and Seed grant applications.  I am an active member for the American Society of Criminology, International Chiefs of Police and The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

We maintain a very active Criminal Justice Society ( club ) that has for more than ten years provided four scholarships each year to deserving criminal justice majors.  Each student has been awarded $500.00 for their future studies.  The scholarship funds are raised by the students each year through a Criminal Justice auction.  We have pioneered a new academic activity entitled the South Jersey Invitation Criminal Justice Debate.  The event has been hosted in past years by Rowan University, Rutgers University, Camden County College and Cumberland County and next year, Peirce College.  This activity brings criminal justice majors together from an array of universities and colleges in our region.