Joshua Austin

Coordinator, Developmental Reading/English Support
Academic Divisions - Arts, Humanities
Academic Building
856-691-8600, 1350
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A.A. Cumberland County College
B.A. Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
M.A. University of Essex

Joshua Austin has been teaching at Cumberland County College since 2003. A CCC alumnus, he also studied at Stockton where he took a BA degree in literature. After a few years of wandering around (and at the invitation of Prof. Gibbs), he found himself teaching developmental English courses at Cumberland. He enjoyed himself so much that he decided do his MA in literature at the University of Essex, Colchester, England. His time in the UK was formative.

Because of his South Jersey roots and his connections to Cumberland County College, he came back to the area and has been teaching a variety of English courses ever since. Josh tries to create an open and inviting environment in his classes where dialogue is welcome and frequent. He enjoys interacting with his students and is always surprised by how much he learns from them each semester. His current role involves working one-on-one with students at the Writing Center.

Josh has a fantastic wife, Kelsey, and four young but incredibly bright children: Sophie, Asher, Faye, and Ivy.