Kevin McGarvey

Associate Professor, English
Academic Divisions - Arts, Humanities, Developmental Studies, Health Science and Math
Fine & Performing Arts Building
856-691-8600, 1357
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B.A., M.A. Kutztown University

Associate Professor Kevin McGarvey of the college’s Humanities Division has been teaching at Cumberland since 1987. His accomplishments include designing the computerized English 101 courses and labs, re-introducing the Journalism program and college newspaper, developing the college Honors Program, and constructing and teaching the first online and hybrid (video and internet) literature and writing courses.

McGarvey teaches everything from English 101 and 102 to Honors Film and Literature, Latino Lit, Intro to Drama, and American Literature.

He includes among his influences Kerouac, Kafka, Keats and Koufax.

McGarvey finds pure poetry in both a native rainbow trout and a flawlessly-executed double play.

He is a writer, researcher, editor, and traveler. Before coming to CCC he was a newspaper columnist in Massachusetts but claims that he found more happiness pulling turkey guts in Iowa and putting the “m”s on the m&ms at a chocolate factory in northern New Jersey.

McGarvey loves teaching and respects his students, even the ones whose cellphones ring in the middle of a lecture.

He has a beautiful wife, Heidi, and a brilliant son, Zach, neither of whom he understands.

In his spare time, he likes to create palindromes. (“Sit on a potato pan, Otis.”)