Meredith Vicente

Senior Director, Physical & Learning Disabilities
Center for Academic & Student Success (CASS)
Student Center
856-691-8600, 1282
Direct Line: 


B.S. The College of New Jersey
M.A. Rowan University

My role as Senior Director of Disability Support Services/Project Assist has been a perfect marriage of my educational background and experiences. I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and received my Master's Degree in Student Personnel Services from Rowan University.  My 10 years of work experience as a special education teacher and guidance counselor has given me a truly diverse perspective of the journey many students with disabilities take from their beginning of education to the transition to college.  This has allowed me to provide students with the opportunity to take part in a more structured transitional program, Project Assist.  Through this program, new students transitioning from high school to college enroll in a specialized section of Freshman Seminar called Learning Strategies.  Through this course, I am able to work closely with new students to learn more about their learning styles, teach them new learning strategies, and become better self advocates.  Cumberland County College has been a leader for over 20 years serving as a Regional Center for students with learning disabilities transitioning to college. Serving students with disabilities and ensuring that they have equal access to all of the exceptional learning opportunities that Cumberland County College has to offer has been my passion for the last decade.    

Please contact me to learn more about the ways that Cumberland County College is working to ensure that all students have equal access to CCC's educational opportunities.