FIRST Tech Challenge Autumn Outreach Scrimmage

Saturday, September 22, 2018
College Gymnasium, Student Center
FIRST Tech Challenge New Jersey and South Jersey Robotics have partnered to bring the Autumn Outreach Scrimmage to Cumberland!

Cumberland County College is hosting an all-day robotics event this month to help new and prospective team members experience what it’s like to be in a real robotics competition. 

Through the FIRST Tech Challenge program, teams of students in grades 7-12, are challenged to design, build and program a robot to compete in a floor game against other teams’ creations. Winning teams advance from local qualifying tournaments to state championships before ultimately advancing to the World Championship Tournament, held each year in April.

Students who participate in FIRST Tech Challenge are eligible to apply for more than $50 million in scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the country.

How It Works

  • Veteran teams come out to help new and prospective team members get a taste of being in an FTC competition.
  • During orientation, veteran teams explain the previous year’s game and describe how they designed their tournament bot to play it.
  • After the orientation to competition games, our robotics platform, and FTC, the new competitors are organized into teams-for-a-day.
  • Each veteran team adopts a new team and becomes their alliance partner for the afternoon’s competition.
  • The new competitors are loaned a training robot, which they can adapt to best play the day’s special Game. Veteran teams counsel and help.
  • After lunch, there will be a friendly scrimmage with new competitors driving their training bot while veterans drive their tournament bots.

Click here to register youth for the event

For questions and additional information please contact Dr. Cortney Bolden at [email protected] or Vincent Frascella at [email protected]

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