New Student Orientation - NSO

Attending an NSO is required for all incoming freshmen students.

New students who have applied to the college and have completed the Accuplacer Test or submitted SAT scores are ready to attend the required New Student Orientation. At the Orientation, students will receive an overview of programs and policies.

After attending an NSO, students are then eligible to meet with an advisor to select courses. The NSO will last approximately 1.5 hours. Academic advising is a separate process and will require additional time. The Advisement schedule will be discussed during the NSO.

Please answer the following questions to see if you are ready to attend an NSO.
1. Have you submitted your CCC online application?
2. Have you taken the Accuplacer Test or submitted SAT scores and received your placement results?
3. Are you a transfer student who has completed 9 or more college level credits at an accredited college?