Nuclear Energy Technology - Associate in Applied Science

Curriculum Code: 498

Program Information
The Nuclear Energy Technology program prepares students to move directly into the workforce upon graduation. Students will be qualified for entry-level positions in nuclear power maintenance and technology. Courses provide students with a solid foundation in basic scientific principles as well as mathematics. Students are exposed to the theory, materials and equipment necessary to work in the nuclear technology field. Special emphasis is placed on nuclear safety and procedures. The program offers three tracks, each leading to a distinct skill set in the nuclear energy industry: instrumentation and control maintenance, electrical maintenance and non- licensed operator. The instrumentation and control maintenance track provides students with a strong foundation in the general systems and components, while focusing on the in-depth knowledge required for specific jobs in the area of instrumentation and control.

When You Graduate
When You Graduate Although not designed to be a transfer program, many of the general education courses should be accepted into a baccalaureate program in a related field.

Upon completion of this program, student should be able to:
•Communicate effectively in a professional manner. •Demonstrate an understanding of scientific inquiry and application. •Demonstrate an understanding of nuclear power fundamentals. •Work safely and effectively in the field of nuclear maintenance. •Demonstrate an understanding of the basic operation of a nuclear power plant.

Program Requirements ()

Total Credits: (69)

A collaborative A.A.S. degree program with Salem Community College