Game Design & Development - Associate in Science

Curriculum Code: 139

Program Information
The Game Design and Development program combines both the programming and design aspects of creating video games for major platforms, consoles and mobile devices. The program further provides preparation in virtualization for medical, educational and military applications, as well as the next round of interactive applications. Combining the skills of graphic design, interactive design, and 3D skills and programming, this interdisciplinary degree program prepares students for the exciting world of game design and development.

When You Graduate
When You Graduate AS programs are primarily designed for students who plan to transfer as juniors at four year colleges and universities. CCC graduates have obtained bachelor’s degrees and beyond from every college in New Jersey and scores of colleges and universities throughout America. The NJ Lampitt bill passed in 2008 by the NJ State legislature assures seamless transfer of credits toward junior standing at NJ state colleges and universities.

Upon completion of this program, student should be able to:
•Demonstrate an understanding of the workflow involved in designing and developing a game or training simulation environment. •Demonstrate the ability to use game engine platforms. •Create user interfaces. •Design user experiences. •Employ programming techniques to create complex environments with physics, logic and purpose. •Locate, discern and effectively use information to solve problems in the design and development of games.

Program Requirements ()

Total Credits: (63)

A joint AS degree program with Salem Community College. Transfer of Credits Game Design and Development graduates may transfer credits to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university.