Certified Nurse Aide - Short-Term Training Certificate

Curriculum Code: 901

Program Information
The Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNA) is a short term certificate course for students to learn how to care for clients in long term care facilities, assisted living centers, and in hospitals. The CNA is responsible for meeting the physical and emotional needs of the client under the direct observation of the Registered Nurse. The CNA also observes clients for changes in physical and mental status and reports them to the Registered Nurse. The course consists of 48 hours of classroom content with simulations and 56 hours of clinical experience.

When You Graduate
When You Graduate Upon successful completion of this course, the students are eligible to take the Certified Nurse Aide Personal Assistant Examination through the Department of health and Senior Services. The academic goal of this program is to create a direct pathway to the AAS or Academic Certificate in Health Science.

Upon completion of this program, student should be able to:
•Discuss the roles and responsibilities and licensure requirements for the Certified Nurse Aide. •Explain how the physiological process of aging can affect a client’s health. •Communicate in a clear, concise manner to residents, their families and other multidisciplinary health care team members. •Demonstrate basic clinical competency while working in a long term care or assisted living facilities.

Program Requirements (4)
Certified Nurse Aide

Total Credits: (4)