Bricks and Mortar

Named gift opportunities are available for a variety of titles, projects and spaces on Cumberland County College’s campus. Named gifts may bear the donor’s name or may be named to honor a spouse or other family member, a colleague, a firm, or other persons or organizations deserving recognition.

Bricks and Mortar

Academic Building $1,000,000   Healthcare Center Named
Academic Support Lab Complex $75,000   Radiography Complex Lab $100,000
Computer Lab Complex $75,000   Nursing Labs (3 available) $50,000
Television Studio $50,000   Computer Lab $25,000
Lecture Halls (2 available) $25,000   Classrooms (3 available) $10,000
Faculty Suites (2) $15,000   Lobby $25,000
Classrooms (21 available) $10,000   Offices (20 available) $5,000
Conference Rooms (2) $5,000      
Offices (27) $5,000   Student and Enrollment Services $1,000,000
Adjunct Lounge $5,000   Patio $100,000
      Fitness Center $25,000
Library $1,000,000   Enrollment Suite Pledged
      Student Lounge $25,000
Fine and Performing Arts Center Named   Student Life Office Suite $15,000
Computer Lab $25,000   Athletic Offices $5,000
Music Practice Room $25,000   Security Office $5,000
Classrooms (3 available) $10,000      
Dressing Room (2 available) $5,000   University Center Named
      Lobby $50,000
Center for Public Service & Leadership Named   Lobby Conference Room $25,000
Banquet Room Named   Lobby Seminar Rooms (2 available) $10,000
Community Resource Room $50,000   Office Conference Room $5,000
Forum Room $50,000   Offices (8) $5,000
Lobby $50,000   Large Classroom $15,000
Office Suite $15,000   Classrooms (11 available) $10,000
Meeting Room (3 available) $10,000      
      Administration Building $1,000,000
Science Building Named      
Instrument Room $25,000   Other Areas  
Science Lab (6 available) $25,000   Tennis Courts $250,000
Science Computer Lab $25,000   Softball Field $250,000
Greenhouse $25,000   Baseball Field $250,000
Offices $5,000      

For further information on Named Gift Opportunities, please call the Foundation Office at 856-200-4557. A personalized proposal outlining the program and donor recognition will be developed for you.

The dollars received from naming rights will be used to create an endowment and only the interest earned on the endowment will be spent to support the named opportunity unless otherwise noted. This will ensure the perpetuity of the program’s existence. In the case of capital projects, the interest earned from the endowment will support the programs and/or operating costs associated with the specific site.