Student Email (Gmail)  

Effective April 1, 2013 - All CCC Official Communications (to Students) will be sent to their student email accounts. This includes...Financial Aid, Registration, Graduation, Payment Information, Campus Events, General Information, and much more.

Student Email
On August 27, 2012, the Student Email system was changed to Google's Gmail. Students should activate their Student Gmail accounts immediately and begin receiving important information.

Username and Password
Your username will be the same as your portal username without the ccc\

Your password will be your 8 digit birth date (MMDDYYYY).

Name: John Lee Brown
ID: 456789
DOB: 2/18/1972

User Name: jbrown (or jbrown1 or jbrown2...) 

For Technical Support: Help Desk at 856.691.8600 x411


Gmail Login box

Frequently Asked Questions (for Students)

What has happened to my old Student Email account and its content?
The old Student email system will remain active until June 1, 2013. Students wishing to retain the contents of their old Student email account should forward the emails from the old system to their new gmail or another email account. Also, if you would like to migrate over the emails from the old system you may use the Mail Fetcher. All data from the old email system will be lost forever on June 1, 2013.

How do I login to the old Student email system?

Go to https://student.cccnj.edu. Don't forget the username for the old system is your first name initial then your lastname initial then the last four of the IRIS ID. Your password if you never changed it is your 8 digit birth date.

What is my Student Email address?

It is your portal username followed by @student.cccnj.edu (example: jbrown@student.cccnj.edu, jbrown1@student.cccnj.edu, ...)

What enhancements does Gmail offer?
There are plenty of enhancements such as each user gets 25GB of email storage. Click Here for more info on enhancements.

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