Healthcare Risk Management

The Healthcare Risk Management Career Certificate is available to degree-bearing healthcare professionals seeking to expand or advance their career in this dynamic field.

As control of risk becomes increasingly important in a vast range of clinical settings, the need for administrators and practitioners with advanced training in this area grows. This program targets risk evaluation and mitigation in the development of risk management plans for enterprise risk and patient safety.  Targeted professionals include nurses, therapists, and administrators working in private practices, clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.

This program’s course sequence will be made available as four seven-week blocks, one course per block.  Offered in a hybrid setting, students will experience face-to-face and online learning in each course.

Program requirements- 12 credits total

  • Introduction to Healthcare Risk Management, 3 credits
    This course provides a general overview of risk management concepts as applied to the healthcare setting including the roles and responsibilities of risk managers, and the quantitative evaluation of risk and mitigation measures.
  • Regulatory Healthcare and Patient Safety Compliance, 3 Credits
    Applicable Federal, State, and local health care and patient safety regulations are presented.  Practical means of compliance are considered. Relevant topics include occupational and environmental exposures, accident prevention, and emergency management.
  • Healthcare Liability and Risk Management, 3 Credits
    Concepts of malpractice and liability, insurance and the conduct of malpractice litigation including claims settlement are presented. Practical methods of accurate documentation in medical records are discussed.
  • Emerging Topics in Healthcare Risk Management, 3 Credits
    Emerging topics in the field of healthcare risk management are discussed from the perspective of the current literature.  This seminar course involves students in presenting, discussing and determining management approaches to risk in a variety of healthcare settings.  Students will develop practical skills in the development of effective risk management plans.

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