Group Room Reservations

Reservation Procedure

• Reservations for study rooms may be made in person at the Circulation Desk when the library is open.

• Reservations may be made no earlier than one (1) week before the date requested.

• A Minimum of two (2) persons 8is required to reserve and use the small group rooms and a minimum of three (3) persons in required to reserve and use the Lincoln room. Groups of 3 may be asked to yeild the Lincoln room is a larger group needs the group room. No more that four persons are allowed in the small group rooms and no more than eight persons iare allowed in the Lincoln room. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Reservations begin and end on the half-hour. Rooms not occupied by the group within 10 minutes of the scheduled reservation start time or end time are considered vacant and will be available to other groups on a first-come, first-served basis.

• There is a two (2) hour limit for each group per check-out. A group may only check-out a group room key during non-consecutive time blocks (see time block explanation on reverse).

• Rooms that have not been reserved are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

• Keys cannot be rotated through groups in order to expand time in a group room. All members of a group must exit a room at the end of the allotted time.

Policies for Group Rooms

• Only current Cumberland County College students holding a valid student ID with a current library barcode may reserve or check-out a group study room. The entire group must be present in order to receive the key.

• The individual who checks out the key must remain with the group or the group will be asked to vacate the room.

• An individual utilizing group room 3 or 4 will be asked to leave if a group needs to use a room.

• Group rooms are for academic use only.

• No defacing of college property. The individual signing for the room will be responsible for all damage to college property and is subject to the cost of cleaning, repair, and disciplinary action.

• The individual signing for the room will be responsible for lost group room keys and is subject to a replacement fee of $55.00.

• No food or beverages allowed.

• No behavior that is disruptive to library use or abusive language. No audio without headphones.

• Do not leave belongings unattended. The College is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.

• Furniture may not be rearranged, nor chairs brought into or removed from group rooms.

• All individuals must follow the Student Code of Conduct and the Cumberland County College General Policies at all times.

Cumberland County College Library reserves the right to modify its policies and/or procedures at any time without prior notice.

Revised: January 26, 2015