Holocaust Collection Focus

The purpose of the Esther and Irving Raab Holocaust Collection is to assist in creating compassion and respect between groups and individuals through serving as a reminder of the suffering that was endured by the Jewish population during the Holocaust (1941-1945). In order to meet this purpose, the Esther and Irving Raab Holocaust Collection collects materials regarding the following areas:
Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda campaigns and policy during the 1930s
The roundup, deportation, and murder of European Jews
Experiences in ghettos, concentration camps, labor camps, and killing centers
Life in hiding during the Holocaust
Discovery and disclosure of the concentration and death camps
The escape and rescue of Jews from Eastern Europe (bricha)
Jewish experiences in Displaced Person camps and elsewhere following liberation
Holocaust memorialization and commemoration
Stories of survivors and their families

We collect materials in the form of both print and non-print items. This includes, but is not limited to: Books, manuscripts, writings, correspondence, audio-visual materials, clippings, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, personal artifacts, and ephemera pertaining to the collection focus. We do not collect multiple copies of items, financial records, or promotional publications.
While donations and recommendations for materials are accepted and encouraged, we retain the right to refuse items if they do not meet our material collection policies or the focus of the Esther and Irving Raab Holocaust Collection.