Faculty & Class Usage


If Faculty would like to bring the class into the Library to do research, please Contact us. We request that you call and:

1. Give a day or two notice that you want to bring a class.

2. Arrive with your class and stay with them.

3. Realize that you and your class can not take over any part of the library. You may facilitate your students in using resources. Please do not expect to use the library as a lab or a classroom.


The Librarians teach information literacy skills to classes in the Library. At this time, we provide these services to ENGLISH 101, 102; Freshman Seminar 101, 103, and 110. Upon request, we work with other Faculty to determine how we can meet their information literacy needs.

We request that you:

1. Contact us via telephone or the online request form through the library's website to schedule your class. (Unannounced arrivals with a class are not welcome.)

2. Give us a week or two advance notice for scheduling. Tell us the name of the class, the class time, and number of students in the class.

3. Arrive with your class and stay with them.


Rev. May 2008