The Library has limited space available for group collaboration. Five group rooms are available. Two rooms are available on a “first come first served” basis; and three rooms are available for reserve. See Group Room Reservation Policy & Procedure.

While sound-proofing walls were used, all need to realize that, for ventilation, the walls of the group rooms do not go to the ceiling. If excessive or disruptive noise or behavior occurs, the group will be asked to reduce the noise and/or leave the facility. If an individual is utilizing a group designated room, and the room is needed by a study group, the individual will be asked to move to an area serving individual patrons.

When not being used for Information Literacy classes, the Technology Training Center (TTC) may be used by individuals and groups with quiet talking permitted. Check weekly schedule (subject to change) posted on TTC door.

The Information Commons is a public access area at the rear of the Library. Since the Commons area and its resources need to be available for multiple purposes, an academic library environment conducive to the pursuit of research and study needs to be maintained. The Commons cannot itself be a source of disruption within the Library. To support this end, groups are not permitted to work together on the Information Commons. In addition, Faculty cannot expect to conduct a class and/or perform lab type work with their class in the Commons.

To retrieve print jobs, go to one of the printers on the Information Commons tables. The Cost for printing is .05 cents a page.

(Student groups and clubs that meet on a regular basis should contact the Assistant to the Executive Director, Student Life and Campus Services to schedule space.)

Cumberland County College Library reserve the right to modify this information at anytime without prior notice

Rev. 3/29/10