Put Items On Reserve

If the system of handling reserves is to function smoothly and serve the needs of students and faculty, the following conditions are desirable:

Reserve arrangements must be made in person.  Faculty members are asked to make sure that materials for required use are in the Library collection well in advance of the time when needed by class members.

Faculty members should select materials from the collection in ample time for the designated staff to have them prepared for reserve before assignments are made.  Faculty are requested to come into the Library, scrutinize the collection and go directly to the shelves and retrieve the materials they wish to have reserved.  Faculty may bring their own materials to be placed on reserve (if it's a book it will be targeted).  In this way, if a selected item is not in the collection or is in circulation, he/she may then choose an alternate item.  Any librarian will be happy to offer suggestions or resources at any time.

The following information should accompany reserve items when they have been selected and brought to the reserve section:

      - Instructor's name
      - Course name, number and section or sections
      - Division
      - Number of students to be served
      - Circulation arrangements, i.e., Library Use Only, 3 days, or 7 days

As soon as the reserved material has been prepared, one copy of the Reserve List will be sent to the instructor to indicate the material is ready.  The other copy will be placed in a loose-leaf reserve binder which remains at the circulation desk.  The binder's sections are arranged in alphabetical order by professor's name.  The reserve will also be added to the Library webpage under the Research page.  Students should be advised to consult it when requesting a reserve item.

Copies of the course outline and assignments which are given to students have proved most helpful to the librarians.  Continuation of this courtesy will be greatly appreciated.

Faculty members are encouraged to distinguish between the reserve materials they require their students to use and those they suggest for supplementary purposes.