Library Circulation Services

Borrowing Privileges:

County Adults - 2 books (no circulation if delinquent)

CCC Employees - 30 items while an employee. Total of 5 videos / DVDs at one time. (no circulation if delinquent)

Faculty (teaching) - Special privileges (see library personnel)

Faculty (non teaching) - 30 items while employed (no circulation if delinquent)

Juveniles - No circulation

Students - 30 items while a current student (no circulation if delinquent) - 2 DVDs / Videos at a time (total of 2) - 3 CD-Text at a time.

Vale - 5 books (no circulation if delinquent).

Loan Period:

Books - 3 weeks

Audio CDs & Software - 2 weeks

Videotapes & DVDs - 3 days

Reserve Material - Library use only / 3 days / 1 week

Returning Materials:

CCC Library Materials - All materials need to be returned fo the College Library.

Local Library Materials - Please return all material directly to the owning Library.


CCC Library Materials - CCC Library allows one renewal on most materials except videos, DVDs, telecourse videos and interlibrary loans.

Materials can be renewed in person or over the phone. Please have your College Library card number available. If an item is overdue, it can not be renewed.

Lost Materials: -

Lost Materials are the responsibility of the person upon whose card the materials were checkedout. Replacement cost plus $5.45 processing fee will be charged. If a book is out of print, the cost is $60.00


A patron may not borrow materials if he/she has any overdue materials or owes any extended use fees (fines). Once the obligations have been settled, borrowing privileges are restored. If a Cumberland County College student has any obligations to the Library at the end of the semester, he/she is placed on a "Hold List". As a result, the patron will not receive grades, transcripts, or be permitted to register until the items are returned, extended use fees (fines) paid, etc.

Cumberland County College Library reserves the right to modify its
policies at any time without prior notice.

Rev. August 29, 2012