Material Selection


As an innovative leader in the management of information and an integral collegiate partner committed to educational success, the Cumberland County College Library is a scholarly portal empowering a diverse learning centered community by providing access and guidance to a multi-dimensional collection of resources.


The Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement adopted by the American Library Association. In addition, the Library also endorses the Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom adopted by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The tenets of those documents are considered an integral part of this policy statement.

All materials purchased with funds allocated to the library become library property, available for the use of the entire college community. The sole test of a controversial item is its contribution to the academic program of the college and to the needs of the students and faculty.


Library materials are defined as print and nonprint instructional materials organized and housed for retrieval and use by the members of the college community to fulfill the needs of the college and its curriculum.


Selection of library materials is a joint responsibility of the faculty and library staff. Cooperation between faculty members and librarians in the selection of materials allows individual faculty members to bring their specialized knowledge to the selection process and to assure the support within the collection of specific curricular needs. The responsibility of the librarians is to insure that the collection, as a whole, is developed objectively, consistently, and thoroughly. Recommendations from all college staff members and students are given full consideration.


Priority for books and other materials purchased for the library is given to those materials that meet direct curricular needs. These priorities also include items needed for class assignments, collateral reading, references made in the textbooks, supplemental individual study or term papers and reports including those reference and bibliographical tools which facilitate finding and using these materials.


After the primary needs have been met, consideration is given to other desirable materials that give balance to the collection or meet vocational, avocational, cultural or special interests or needs of the student body and faculty.


Foreign Language Materials

Except for materials to support the language curricula offered by the college, materials in foreign languages are purchased only when an adequate translation into English is not available or when a specific need is evident for a foreign language edition.

County and Community College Materials

Because of the nature and mission of the institution a special collection of materials pertaining to two-year colleges is acquired.


The library acquires research materials for both New Jersey and Cumberland County history and culture.

Popular Fiction and Nonfiction

While the library has a responsibility to encourage leisure reading, budget limitations normally require that current, non-course-related popular fiction and nonfiction have low priority for purchase.


Because of the repetition of information frequently included in textbooks and because they are often quickly outdated, books published solely as texts are not usually added to the collection unless their usefulness goes beyond that of the typical textbook. Except in extraordinary cases no textbook in current use on the campus is purchased for the collection.


A book is purchased in paperback only if it is unavailable in hardback at a reasonable cost. In general, paperback books are bound before being added to the collection.

Out-Of-Print Materials

Out-of-print materials meet the same criteria for purchase as other books. Where possible out-of-print originals are preferred to modern reprints.

Periodicals Subscriptions

Periodical subscriptions are entered after taking into consideration: (1) inclusion in current subscriptions to online periodical databases, (2) curricular needs, (3) interests of the students and faculty, (4) inclusion in periodical indexes, (5) cost of subscription, and (6) near duplicate materials already received. Whenever possible periodical subscriptions are entered to start at the beginning of the calendar year or volume.


The objective of the college library is to subscribe to representative major local, regional, and national newspapers.


The library attempts to build a relevant collection of state and local documents, and documents of foreign countries are selected on the same basis as material in the general collection.


The library purchases duplicate copies only in cases of demonstrable need, such as when the number of students in a class or the concentrated use of material demands multiple copies.


Micrographics possess advantages for the storage and use of some materials such as newspapers and periodicals and may be the only practical form for some extensive collections. It is the policy to purchase such materials in this format whenever applicable.


Non-print materials to support the instructional program include: audiotapes, videotapes, DVDs, music CDs, and CD-ROM software. All non-print materials acquired by the library are cataloged and made part of the library collection.


Databases to support the curriculum include online subscriptions and CD-ROM subscriptions. Whenever possible, database subscription selection will include consortium partnership opportunities.


The library keeps its collection vital and useful by retaining or replacing essential material, and removing on a systematic and continuous basis those works which are worn, outdated, of little historical significance or no longer in demand.


The library may maintain in special collections in closed stacks

a. Items of local historical value or interest.

b. Books by local authors (local defined as meaning Vineland or neighboring towns).

c. Books of aesthetic importance – fine printing, beautiful illustration, or binding.

d. Books of value due to early imprint date.

These books will be cataloged and available to responsible adults upon request for use in the library.

Cumberland County College Library reserves the right to modify this information at anytime without prior notice.

Rev. August 2006