Internships & Field Work

Internships, Field Work and More


Business, Graphic Design and Communication majors are required to do an internship. The internship introduces the student to the actual work performed in an occupational area. Students gain practical experience in environments such as business, graphic design, and communication companies. Hours may vary per major but are mostly 12-15 hours per week. Internship arrangements are made with the guidance of the course professor and through College Central Network.

Complete Academic Internship Manual
Student Internship Resources
  • Application Procedure
  • Sample Resume and Cover Letter
  • Intern Feedback Form
Employer Internship Resources
  • The basics of an internship
  • Creating your internship
  • Sample internship job description template
  • Intern performance evaluation
Faculty Internship Resources


Field Work

Criminal Justice and Social Service majors are required to complete a field work experience in a community agency under the supervision of a trained practitioner. Most field work is about 90 hours a semester. Details of what is required for documentation vary by teacher and will be discussed in class. Students should check College Central Network for ideas on placement sites prior to the semester starting.

Service Learning

Service learning combines community service with classroom instruction. It is designed to help students connect their academic skills with community needs. Students develop their personal and civic responsibility by participating in community events and sharing their experiences in the classroom. Students can check College Central Network for available opportunities.