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Have you always wanted to try making pottery without having to commit to a long- term class? Our “Hands-On” workshops will introduce you to pottery, painting, printmaking, weaving, and drawing fundamentals. Develop your appreciation for the fine crafts and arts, and indulge your creative urge! You will be able to take home your own creation once it is glazed and fired in our kiln. We’ll call you when your piece is ready for pick up. In the case of our other workshops… just make and take!

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Pottery Wheel Workshops – MSTUDIO

Create a piece of pottery on a pottery wheel. With the help of an instructor students will learn how to “throw” a pot.  The student will choose a glaze, and the staff will fire your piece and call to arrange a pick-up time. No experience necessary. Materials included. Limit 12.

CLAY-WHEEL-04           Friday 6PM - 8PM                 September 14                                               $30
CLAY-WHEEL-05           Saturday 2PM - 4PM            September 22                                              $30
CLAY-WHEEL-06           Friday 6PM – 8PM                October 5                                                     $30
CLAY-WHEEL-07           Friday 6PM - 8PM                 October 26                                                   $30
CLAY-WHEEL-08           Friday 6PM - 8PM                 November 16                                                $30
CLAY-WHEEL-09           Saturday 2PM – 4PM           December 8                                                  $30
CLAY-WHEEL-10            Sunday 2PM - 4PM              December 9                                                  $30

*NEW Weaving Workshop Basic – 5 weeks – M206

In this 5-week workshop, you will be introduced to using a four-shaft table loom. You will learn about the parts of a loom, how to measure yarn for your project, and how to warp the loom. At the end of the course, you will go home with a scarf that YOU weave. Limit 6.

Students will need to bring a pair of scissors.

CLAY-WEAVE-01            Saturday 1PM – 4PM            Oct. 13 – Nov. 10                                          $150


In this workshop, you will create a dreamcatcher using hoops, yarns, beads feathers and any other found objects you would like to bring. You will learn basic weaving, layering and needlework techniques.  If you know how to do basic crochet, you can add extra interest by bringing several sizes of crochet hooks (no larger than a G hook.) You’ll be able to catch your dreams after you attend this workshop! Students will bring: Different size needles, found objects (shells, keys, photos, etc) Most materials included. Limit 18.

CLAY-DREAM-01            Saturday 1PM – 4PM            September 29                                           $25                 

Pottery Pumpkin Workshop – M101

Great for all ages.  Create a one of a kind clay jack-o-lantern using stamped clay, textures, and colorful glazes. Carve facial expressions just like you would a pumpkin.  Jack-O-Lanterns will be glazed and fired in time for Halloween.  Bring a loved one, parent, child or friend.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

CLAY – POTPUM-01       Sunday 2PM – 4PM              September 30                                               $30
CLAY – POTPUM-02       Saturday 2PM – 4PM            October 6                                                     $30

Sugar Skull Candy Dish or Wall Art – M101

Great for all ages! Create a “Day of the Dead” sugar skull candy dish or wall decoration.  Students will turn a coil of clay into a colorful candy dish or wall art. Use as many bright colors as you want to decorate your one-of-a-kind creation! Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 18.

CLAY-SKULL-01             Friday 6PM – 8PM                  October 12                                                 $25

Autumn Leaves Clay Project

Bring your own leaves if you like! (fake or real) Participants will turn a slab of clay into a beautiful fall platter just in time for the holidays.  Your unique platter will look great on your table and is also a perfect hostess gift.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

CLAY-LEAVES-01           Friday 6 – 8PM                     October 19                                                   $35

Glaze and Kiln Basics – 3 weeks – MSTUDIO

This class is for the artist who would like to learn about glaze making and kiln operations. Students will create tiles to test glazes that they’ve formulated from their own recipes. Kiln operations and maintenance will also be demonstrated and discussed. Limit to 15.

CLAY-GLAZE-01            Saturday   12PM – 3PM        Oct. 6 – Oct. 20                                           $75

Clay Menorah Workshop – M101

Celebrate this Hanukkah with a menorah you made yourself! No experience necessary. You will work with clay and a template to create a beautiful and functional clay menorah. Bring candles for sizing of the holders. Materials included. Limit to 15.

CLAY-MENOR-01            Friday   5PM – 9PM              November 2                                                  $45

Christmas Tree Votive Workshop – M101       

Create a one of kind pottery Christmas Tree. Carve, pierce and add decoration to you clay tree form. Bring your child, spouse, or friend, for this special holiday activity.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 15.

CLAY-TREE-01               Saturday 2PM – 4PM            November 24                                                $30

Clay Angel Votive       

Great for all ages!  Make your own personalized holiday votive, specific to your family traditions. Bring your child, spouse, or friend, for this special holiday activity.  Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 18.

CLAY-VOTIVE-01            Friday 6PM – 8PM                 November 17                                              $35

Mosaics – 2 weeks

Learn how to transform ordinary objects into colorful works of art with mosaics. Each student will learn the basics of mosaics, design and application. Students may bring their own collected items such as shells, bottle caps, glass, stones, buttons etc. Materials will be provided – instructor will supply extra “findings”. Limit 15.

CLAY-MOSAIC-01           Saturday  1PM – 4PM           Nov. 10 - 17                                                  $55

Clay Ornaments

Make unique ornaments! Create a Santa, gnomes, elves, trees, and angels, using templates and flat slabs of clay. The student will make a total of 10 ornaments. Great for all ages! Materials included. No experience necessary. Limit 18.

CLAY-ORNA-01              Saturday 11:30AM – 12:30PM     December 1                                            $30

*NEW – FINE ART Non-Credit Drawing and Painting and Sculpture classes! Hone your painting, drawing, and sculpture skills in classes that teach everything from basic to advanced techniques.  Materials provided for the first class. Instructors will provide a list of supplies needed for the entire class.

Basic Drawing – 5 weeks – M206

This course focuses on the development of observational skills and drawing techniques, employing a range of drawing media and subject matter. Students in this course will develop both technical and creative abilities to material and subject matter. No prior experience with drawing is required or expected. Critiques, discussions, are integrated into course. Students will work from a still life, set up by the instructor.

CLAY-BASDRAW-01       Friday 6PM – 8PM                  Oct. 5 – Nov. 2                                            $140
CLAY-BASDRAW-02       Monday 2PM – 4PM                Oct. 15 – Nov. 12                                        $140

Intro to Acrylic Painting – 5 weeks – M206

No experience needed in this introductory art class. You will focus on the basics of acrylic painting and painting fundamentals in general. The student will learn about the acrylic medium, brushes, and how to prepare a canvas. The still life, that the instructor will assemble, will serve as the subject matter for our beginning painters. The instructor will provide a supply list at the 1st class. Some materials will be provided so you can get started. Limit to 15.

CLAY-ACPAINT-01          Monday 6PM – 8PM                Oct. 15 – Nov. 12                                        $140

Intro to Acrylic painting II – 5 weeks – M206

This class is the next level from Intro to Acrylic painting. The student will further explore painting fundamentals. Working from more complicated still life arrangements. Some materials included. Limit 18.

CLAY-ACPAINTII-01        Monday 6PM – 8PM                Nov. 19 – Dec. 17                                       $140

*NEW - Digital Photography – 4 week – M204

This 4-week very basic digital photography class will focus on taking pictures with your phone/camera, how to get them to your computer, what to do with them once they are there… and then print them on photo paper! Photoshop will also be introduced. Limit 15.

CLAY-DIGPHOTO-01      Friday  10AM – 12PM            Oct. 5 – Oct. 26                                            $100
CLAY-DIGPHOTO-02      Friday   6PM - 8PM               Oct. 5 – Oct. 26                                            $100