English As a Second Language

Welcome to the English as a Second Language Program at Cumberland County College! The ESL program is designed to provide non-native speakers of the English language with the opportunity to learn English and attend college. Its primary function is to help prepare students for college-level courses, and ultimately a degree in their chosen field of study. However, the program also provides instruction in English for adults who are also interested in improving their English skills for personal satisfaction or for their current jobs.

Students may seek full-time or part-time enrollment, and classes are conveniently offered in the evenings to accommodate most people's busy schedules. Our courses follow a two-semester per year format (Spring semester is late January to mid May, and the Fall semester is September to December) and a limited number of courses are available in the summer. Our instructors are knowledgeable in second language acquisition and provide students with a challenging and enriching classroom experience. In addition, the “ESL/Foreign Language Tutoring Center” is available to help support students in their academic endeavors.

Students have the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse community of learners at Cumberland County College. Many cultures are proudly represented, providing students with an educational experience that transcends the classroom. Everyone from adult learners to recent high school graduates sit side-by-side in ESL classes, and provide each other with support and the unique perspectives that their experiences have given them.

Whether your goal is to brush up on your English skills or seek a certificate or degree, Cumberland County College's ESL Program has a place for you!

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