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Science Research Competition: Check-In Procedures

  • Project check in will begin at 3pm on February 28, 2018 and end at 6pm sharp in the Student Center, Gymnasium at Cumberland County College. No projects will be registered after 6pm.
  • When entering the Student Center Gymnasium, please check in at the registration desk.
  • Once registered, you will receive a Display Approval Form
  • Please set up your project at the assigned location (check for the project ID number on the display tables). After you have set up your project, it must be checked by a CCC-Science Research Committee member. Please find a CCC-Science Research Committee member to check your project and sign the Display approval form.
  • Once this form is signed, please deliver it to the registration table and check out. Any project that has not been properly registered or checked out may be disqualified from competing.

    Please refer to the Display Exclusion document for additional information concerning display requirements.