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Certified Pharmacy Technician

Employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024. Advances in pharmaceutical research will allow for more prescription medications to be used to fight diseases*. For more information please call 856-776-2372.


pharmacist counting pills

  • Prescription filling basics 
  • Counting pills 
  • Measuring medications 
  • Labeling products 
  • Terminology 
  • Effects of medications 
  • Communication & human relations skills 
  • Ethical standards 
  • Hands-on externship

The Certified Pharmacy Technician program trains students to learn the basics of filling prescriptions, counting pills, measuring medications and labeling products while providing a broad understanding of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, and the study of the effects of medications on the human body. Students who successfully complete their classroom hours will participate in an externship. Learn more about being a Pharmacy Technician in the video below from

Investment: $2,499 (Tuition: $2,000; Books: $499) ‚Äč

For more information, please call 856-776-2372.

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*US Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook Handbook

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