"Let's Get Started." College's New President is on the Job.

Monday, June 6, 2016
Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernandez, began work Monday as the 7th president of Cumberland County College.

A steady stream of students, faculty and staff greeted the new president on her first day on campus.    With great enthusiasm for what she calls "the limitless potential of Cumberland County College", Salomon-Fernandez reached out to the college community via email this morning. 

"I am both energized and inspired to start working collaboratively with each of you to shape the immensely bright future that can be ours," she wrote.

In a message directed specifically to students, Dr. Salomon-Fernandez said, "for half a century, the College has been launching students like you to great careers and further studies. Today, I join the extraordinary faculty and staff at CCC in continuing that great tradition and in finding new ways to propel you even further in your academic and professional pursuits."

Salomon-Fernandez also launched her new blog today (YourCumberland.wordpress.com) where she'll be regularly sharing her experiences, thoughts and observations.  Her first entry is titled "The Start of a Great Adventure."