Paying for College

School Counts!

School Counts! Makes a Difference!

The School Counts! program provides two-year Cumberland County College tuition scholarships to county residents who earn four consecutive School Counts! certificates from participating high schools. In order to earn a School Counts! certificate, students must:

  • Have an exemplary attendance record;
  • Have taken a more rigorous curriculum;
  • Have achieved a higher-than-average GPA;
  • Have successfully completed Algebra I; and
  • Be scheduled to graduate from high school on time.

"School Counts! to me means a great opportunity to go through my first years of college with less cost as well as a good education.”

Javan Jones, age 19, Business Marketing Major, Cumberland Regional High School Graduate



"School Counts! allows me to gain a quality education while working and saving money to further my education. Without School Counts! I would have already been in debt or unable to receive this education simply because of the cost!”

Zoe Taylor, age 19, Biomedical Science Major, Cumberland Regional High School Graduate


“My experience with School Counts! has helped me to realize that if I put my mind and heart into what I do, I can do anything!”

Georgia Salvaryn, age 18, Journalism Major, Vineland High School Graduate


To participate in the School Counts! program, contact William Reyes at 856-691-8600, ext. 1234, or [email protected]
To make a gift to the School Counts! program, contact the Foundation Office at 856-200-4557.