Student Intervention Team (SIT)

Cumberland County College strives to provide a safe and secure campus and learning environment for students, employees and visitors. To enhance campus safety, a Student Intervention Team (SIT) has been established to facilitate campus awareness and response to student mental health issues and behaviors. SIT includes faculty, counselors and administrator and meets regularly to review campus behavioral concerns, student behaviors and incidents reported. SIT will provide recommendations and suggestions for campus response, procedures, resources and staff training for at risk student behavior.

Students who are reported to have exhibited aberrant, distressed, disturbed and/or disruptive behavior will be assisted. SIT members will intervene with students who are determined to be a potential threat or risk to harm themselves or others on campus. Interventions will address student behaviors and campus incidents and may include required on/off campus referrals, assessments and/or treatments. Students maybe suspended from the College by the Student Intervention Team for unmodified behavior and/or non compliance with SIT requirements.