School Counts!

The program is simple: it expects students to keep their grades up, come to school every day, be on time, and take academic courses that challenge them. School Counts! encourages students to make the most of their important high school years and acquire the learning habits they will need to succeed in the new millennium.

School Counts! Criteria:

Obtain a grade of 'C' or better in every course
Achieve a 95% attendance and punctuality record
Take more than the minimum graduation requirements
Complete high school in four years (eight semesters)

Surveys show that employers care more about attendance and punctuality than they do about many other skills. Research indicates that performance in school is one factor that can predict how well an individual will do in a job. Students who work hard and meet program criteria will receive a School Counts! certificate of achievement which can be presented to participating employers in Cumberland County who will guarantee a job interview. Better yet, every Cumberland County resident who earns four School Counts! certificates and passes Algebra I* with a grade of 'C' or better while in high school, is eligible for a two-year tuition scholarship to Cumberland County College.

For more information on School Counts!, please contact The Admissions Office, 856-691-8600 ext. 1385.

Important SC! Information for parents