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New Jersey bears the brunt of jokes by people all over the country. However, when it comes to transferring from a public community college to a 4-year public college or university, we are the envy of the country. If you receive an AA, or AS degree from a community college you receive junior standing when you transfer. What does this mean? College is structured just like high school: Freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year. When you complete your Associate Degree, that concludes your sophomore year; you are half done a Bachelors Degree.

If you are "location bound" and cannot leave the area to finish school, you have two options: (1) enter an online degree program or, (2) enroll in one of the BA/BS degrees in the University Center on our campus. If you are free to transfer anywhere, you wish to, staying in New Jersey will give you the best value for your dollar. If you want to get away, far away, to finish school, remember that you might not return. If there is a particular area of the country, a city, state you have always liked, this is the time to take the opportunity to go spend some time there. When you graduate, you make you next move.

When you transfer, you start your junior year. There are a few minor exceptions to this, which you can discuss with your academic advisor. This legislated guarantee of transfer credit is referred to as the Lampit Bill, named after Pamela Lampitt, Camden County Assemblywoman who sponsored this legislation.

The best NJ 2- to 4-year college transfer web site.
It is never too early to begin your transfer to a four-year college. During your first year of college, you should at least be thinking about this. The NJTransfer web page will allow you to look for course equivalencies at 4-year colleges, identify recommended transfer programs (Called RPTs), see what New Jersey Colleges offer which majors, visit their web sites and utilize several valuable other valuable engines.

NJTransfer connects the curricula between New Jersey's two-and four-year colleges and universities.
If you are a transfer student from another college be sure to have your former college(s) send Cumberland County College your official transcript. We will evaluate it and post all transfer courses on your new CCCC transcript. If you attended a college from another country, you need to have your foreign transcript first sent to the World Education Services (WES). This international organization provides US equivalencies for college courses taken in other countries. Visit the web site below f you need to get this started. Once your WES evaluation is completed, have it sent or bring it (unopened) to our Office of Enrollment Services in the Student Center.

If you are transferring into Cumberland and have credits from a college in another country, go to http://www.wes.org

For a more extensive list or related sites see:

Like most other colleges, Cumberland offers joint degrees with other colleges. We collaborate with the NJ University of Medicine and Dentistry for several Associate degrees. The UMDNJ South Jersey campus is in commuting distance in Stratford, NJ in Camden County. After completing a year of liberal arts and science at Cumberland, you can then transfer to UMDNJ for Respiratory Therapy or Psychosocial Rehabilitation, two emerging high demand occupations.

The Professor's Guide to College:

You are probably not looking that far ahead now, but some day you may have to entertain the question: Should I go to graduate school? You might need or want a Masters Degree, perhaps a Doctorate. If you plan to be a lawyer, a doctor, if you want to teach college then you will eventually find yourself in graduate school.

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