Campus Printing and Copying

  In an effort to reduce the College’s environmental footprint and improve campus services, CCC’s IT Department and the Pathways 2010-11 Leadership Team joined forces this year to bring a new, web-based printing and copying system to campus. The system features three powerful, high-speed Ricoh 6001 copier/printers, which are located in the Science Computer Lab, the Library, and the Academic Open Lab. The printer/copiers will enable students, guests and college employees to print double-sided documents quickly and conveniently, and also to staple and hole-punch documents.

The system is driven by GoPrint software, which will manage printing accounts for all users. When printing, the GoPrint pop-up client will appear on the computer screen and request login information. The system will also require logins when copying at the three high-speed locations (Science Computer Lab, Library and Academic Open Lab).

 Every registered CCC student will receive 100 free single-sided pages per year, or approximately 67 double-sided pages, with student accounts resetting to a new round of 100 free pages each year on Sept. 1. There will be no carryover of unused pages. Once a student uses up his or her 100 free pages, additional pages will cost 5 cents each or 7.5 cents for double-sided (duplex) output. Students will fund their printing accounts by putting cash in one of three Add Value Stations that are located with the three Ricoh 6001 high-speed printer/copiers.

Registered students will log into their GoPrint accounts with their CCC email user name (first initial of their first name and first initial of their last name and the last four digits of their student ID number, e.g., John Doe’s user name is jd1234) and password (date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format – e.g., 08311991 – unless they’ve already changed it) .

 University Center students, continuing education students and guests will pay for all their printing and copying. They will create their accounts on a CCC computer using the GoPrint client and fund their accounts by adding cash at one of three Add Value Stations (located at the three high-speed locations -- Science Computer Lab, Library, and Academic Open Lab) .

Please see the brochure linked on this page for more details and instructions on how to print, copy, and create and fund accounts using the GoPrint system.

The Pathways 2010-11 Leadership Team urges all campus students, employees and guests to “Think Before You Print” to save paper and avoid printing unnecessary pages.