Student Services Directory

Questions? Here's where to get the answers. No matter where you turn at Cumberland County College, someone will be there to help you.
Assistant Director Admissions
Ronald Braxton
856-691-8600, ext.1385
Admissions - General Information
856-691-8600, ext.1333
Veterans Affairs
William Reyes
856-691-8600, ext. 1234
Academic and Student Success
Dr. Maud Fried-Goodnight, Executive Director
856-691-8600 ext. 1382
Admissions - Nursing
Alice Myers, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1306
Admissions - Radiography
Robert Champa, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1264
Student Activities and Leadership,
Kellie Slade, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1289
Testing & Tutoring,
Melissa Wright, Assistant Director,
Testing & Tutoring
856-691-8600, ext. 1326
Disability Services
Meredith Vicente, Assistant Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1282
Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment
Dorothy Cohen, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1353
Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
Alonna Brown, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1257
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Don Forcinito, Coordinator
856-691-8600, ext. 1404
Financial Aid
Maurice Thomas, Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1311
NJ Stars
Lucy Ojeda, Sr. Admissions Counselor
856-691-8600, ext. 1213
School Counts!
Megan Hart, Assistant Director
856-691-8600, ext. 1408
International Students
Diana Appel
856-691-8600, ext. 1228
Student Accounts
Marie Bailey
856-691-8600, ext. 1218
Keith Gorman
856-691-8600, ext. 1417

Other Important Services

Accuplacer Refresher Courses
Academic Advisement (ATC)
Student Success Initiative
Distance Learning
International Students
New Student Orientation
Project Assist
Request a Transcript
Student Reminders
CASS Center
Test Scheduling
Project Assist