Supplemental Instruction

So what's SI?
Supplemental Instruction refers to group tutoring sessions in specific subjects that are offered free of charge to all CCC students. The sessions are led by an SI leader, a tutor who is actually in class with you every day. They hear what you hear and read what you read. SI leaders know the material; they know how the professors teach, and they know how to guide you through it. They do not lecture; their job is to help you think about the lectures you hear and the problems you have to solve, and then put it all into perspective during SI review sessions.

So how do I sign up?
If SI is going to be given for your class, you will know because an announcement will be made in your class and you will be asked to fill out a schedule of availability. The SI leader will hold two or three review sessions a week at times that are best for the majority of students in the class. You can attend one, two or all three sessions in any week. If SI is not being held for your class but you want it to be, please see Melissa Wright in the CASS Center and she can get it started for your class.

So what's in it for me?
If you attend regularly, chances are you'll get a better grade. You'll learn better ways to study and have a better understanding of what you've learned. In addition, you will enjoy the process. Supplemental Instruction has been proven to work, so give us a try---you'll be surprised how much we can help!