Steering Committee

The Title III Steering Committee meets quarterly to:

  • Review the on going progress of the Title III grant
  • Provide direction to project staff regarding changes in the project as it develops; and
  • Help communicate information about the project to the college community



Steering Committee Members:


Director, Computing and Telecommunications                                            Mr. Scott Boerke

Assistant Director, Instructional Technology                                                Mr. Bernie Castro

Director, Admissions and Registration                                                        Ms. Anne Daly

Vice President, Academic Affairs and Enrollment Services                              Dr. Jacqueline Galbiati

Senior Accountant, Student Accounts and Grants                                         Ms. Gayle Gates

Title III Coordinator, Exec Director, Academic and Student Success               Dr. Maud Fried-Goodnight

Dean, Business, Education and Social Sciences                                           Dr. Charles Kocher

Dean, Arts and Humanities                                                                      Mr. James Piccone

Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services                                    Mr. John Pitcher

Director, Assessment                                                                              Ms. Rebecca Sheppard

Faculty: Basic Skills Coordinator                                                               Ms. Patricia Sink   

Director, Advisement, Transfer and Career Services                                    Dr. Steve Stolar

Director, Student Accounts                                                                       Ms. Sherri Welch

Chief Technology Officer                                                                         Mr. Douglas White

Director, Financial Aid                                                                             Ms. Kim Mitchell

Faculty: Basic Skills Coordinator                                                              Ms. Tanya Usyk

Exec Director, Planning, Research and Inst Effectiveness                            Dr. Sandra Vaden 

Dean, STEM and Healthcare                                                                    Ms. MaryAnn Westerfield