Media Services

Media Services provides support for classroom technology and audio/video equipment to CCC students, faculty and staff. Also, the media department tapes special events, edit vidoes, and many other special productions.

The following A/V equipment are available or can be made available in each classroom:

Computer-on-Wheels (COW) includes computer, keyboard, mouse, and LCD Projector

 27” TV and DVD/VCR combo on a cart with wheels Overhead projector and screen Portable Smartboard (one in each building) DVD/VCR Player (NO Television) CD / audio cassette player Flip Charts with stand Filmstrip projectors (limited availability) Portable Powered Podium with House PA System (group functions, etc)

Computer specifications:

Desktop Computer Drives: DVD, Floppy (optional external Zip drive) Keyboard / Mouse Microsoft Windows XP Professional Microsoft Office 2003/2007 (Word, Excel, and Power Point) Internet Cable Speakers (available upon request)

Equipment Manuals

Lecturn - Academic Building downstairs Lecturn - Academic Building upstairs
Lecturn - University Center
Lecturn - DVD and VHS

Request Procedures
Forty-eight (48) hours written notice must be made to request the use of equipment. The borrower is responsible for the care and operation of the equipment until it is returned to the Media Department.

Where can I get help?
Please contact Mike Farinelli at 856.691.8600 x303 or email mfarinelli@cccnj.edu. Please contact Mike Guilford at 856.691.8600 x479 or email mguilford@cccnj.edu. (evening support)

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