Student Technology Consultants

Work Schedule | Timesheet | Pay Period/Due Dates | Academic Computer Lab Phone: x291

The STCs serve as the front line of technology support alleviating pressure on the College's full-time technology staff. They answer questions, maintain lab equipment, and enforce lab policies to ensure a safe and inviting work environment.

What are the benefits of being an STC?
STCs learn various computer applications that may never be covered by their degree programs. STCs are more exposed to technical questions specific to various software applications allowing them to gain knowledge in problem solving and troubleshooting. The program provides valuable work experience that can be a great addition to any student's resume, portfolio, or career goals.

What's the Phone Number in the Academic Open Lab?
Extension 291 - to check voicemail - see the sticker on the phone.


STC Handbook STC Employment Application Form Sign-In Sheet Opening & Closing Procedures Lab Rules
Out of Service Sign - Computer Out of Service Sign - Printer
CS101/CS102 Data Files | NCLEX-RN software

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