University Partnerships - Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact?
The University Partner contacts are listed under the individual university names along with the programs offered at Cumberland County College or online by each university. Contact the University Center Office at 856-691-8600 ext.


and you will be directed to the appropriate advisor.

How do I begin the enrollment process?
The first step is to speak with the representative from the college involved with the partnership.

Do I have to be accepted by a University Partner before I can enroll?
Yes, just as if you were enrolling into that specific university. The only difference is you will be taking the classes at CCC's campus or online

How much are tuition and fees? Will they be the same as Cumberland County College?
The college you are enrolling in sets the price for tuition and fees. You must discuss costs with the University Partner contact.

When do the courses start? 
A number of University Partnership programs have started, and more will be beginning in September. Check with the University Partner contacts for the most up-to-date course offerings. Many sessions will run through the course of a complete semester.

How many days a week will I have to attend?
That will vary depending on the courses you enroll in or if you are taking online courses.

Do they offer night and weekend courses?
Many courses are offered during the evenings and on weekends. Your University Partnership representative will have more details.

How long will it take to receive a bachelor's or master's degree?
It will depend on your current credits, what degree you are seeking and how many classes you take per semester. Discuss this with your University Partnership contact.

Will my degree hold as much weight as a graduate who received a degree by taking courses at the University Partner's campus?
Yes. The bachelor's or master's degree that you earn from a University Partner by attending classes at CCC or taking classes online has the same status as a degree that was earned at the University Partner's campus.